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What is Technology?
The Oxford Dictionary defines technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. In other words, it can be said that it is an effort to put in practice the knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, and methods to find a solutions of a particular problem.

The word technology is derived from Greek meaning, "art, skill, craft", and logia meaning the discipline of or "study of-". The term is used generally or in context with particular fields like information technology, Industrial technology and others.

Technology enables people to adjust with their natural surroundings, in other words, it make their adjustment simples and hassle free. If a particular technology makes things complex rather than making it simple it can't survive for long. Right from invention of wheels to super computer and methods of natural cure to genetically engineered medicine, the whole efforts are streamlined to make human adaptation with nature simples smooth and hassle free.

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This advancement in technology has opened new vistas for human being and information technology is spearheading this change. The age of messenger is passé, now we have invented a swifter messenger in the form of emails. We are living in the age where any information is just a click away. The Internet is acting as an information super highway that connects every destination, big and small. This advancement in technology has made life of peoples simple. We appreciate the role of technology, but we can?t get content as a lot is still left to be done.
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